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Author: David Paterson

Why no investor can afford to miss the Social Finance Forum

Sometimes, it pays to dream big. Social finance was once a moonshot idea by economists interested in bending market forces toward good causes. Today, it is a $502-billion global market that is reshaping the economy. The reason? As anxieties over the climate crisis and widening inequality intensify, social finance offers an appealing solution: use private […]

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Your pension fund could save the world

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the tag “too big to fail” has become a familiar phrase. It reflects the reality that in most countries the economy rests on the shoulders of a handful of big banks. Much less attention is paid to the other crucially important financial institutions: pension and sovereign wealth funds. If the […]

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Who should take home a Social Finance Award?

Who are the entrepreneurs creating better kinds of business in Canada? Which organizations are instrumental in growing the social finance market? We want to recognize these leading lights with at this year’s Social Finance Awards.

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Showcase your venture at the Forum
– Applications open now

The Social Finance Forum is the leading conference in Canada where impact investors and ventures meet. With over 400 investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders attending, the Forum is an incredible platform for ventures to showcase their products and services, make new connections and strengthen existing relationships.

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