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Bonnie Lyn de Bartok

Founder and CEO, The S Factor Co.

Bonnie Lyn is Founder and CEO of The S Factor Co., a MacCormick Inc. company. She brings over two decades of social impact, international business, finance and technology background to the leadership of MacCormick Inc. and The S Factor Co. Bonnie Lyn has won several entrepreneurial and technology awards and led the creation of both firms, expanding globally and has worked across 57 countries, and has led the creation of several proprietary products including the MSPI™ and the S Factor™ Solutions.

Her company has developed and is bringing to market a proprietary algorithm and index that measures corporate social impact against international standards, public sentiment and financial performance. She is a widely acknowledged expert and much sought after speaker on social impact and risk issues.

Bonnie Lyn is a graduate of Saint Mary’s University, where she studied International Development (Development Economics) and International Politics, Marketing, Finance and Micro-computer Technology.